Cody Canada

Cody Canada and the Departed
Buck’s Backyard
Buda, TX – 2.17.19

This was our first visit to this friendly, warehouse-style club. It was also the first time I’ve seen Cody Canada since he was with Cross Canadian Ragweed. “We’re country as fuck!” he reminded the crowd.

Canon EOS 80D
f 5.6 1/125
ISO 2500
187 mm


f5.6 1/100
ISO 1600
154 mm



f 4.5 1/100
ISO 2500
79 mm


Author: STL.images

Most concert photographers have to travel to reach their subjects. Not me! Living in Austin, Texas - the "Live Music Capital of the World" - the best musicians come to me! Austin is home to intimate clubs, awesome medium-sized venues, and big concert halls. I'm so lucky. Great music, great musicians, great photo opportunities.

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